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Good day developers of LoL I would like to ask you why are certain champions treated differently than others. What I mean by that is that SOME champions are like a MEME, and regardless that they are contradicting very nature of their purpose and kit, and some of them contradicting even some of your own quotes and looks on the game and "gameplay" in general. What I would like to talk about are few champions that are perhaps not "broken" themselves, but I would like to know why ALL THE OTHER champions of their respective "class" (assassin, fighter, initiator, jungler..etc.) aren't getting the same treatment ? And are you planing to take the balance of the game seriously, or are we going to keep this feeling that we are playing a MOBA which was designed by 5 teenagers, who last time were sobber when Volibear got released. First on the list would be ASSASSINS. Assassins are well known to be able to explode someone in a blink of an eye. The itemisation in LoL is so poor and flat compared to other MOBA games, for example DotA, where you got STATS like Agility which will boost your ATK-speed, Speed, Damage(if primary) But also your ARMOUR. So a Carry, who fought its way up to late game, farmed properly and reached that 6 slot is RLY, REALLY FAT. Like he is SO FAT mate, that he can fight 2v1 even 3v1 sometimes and require enemy (non-carry heroes)to have proper teamwork to bring it down. They cat just throw 3 ignites on it and kill it like in LoL. Itemisation in League of Legends is very blunt. There are VERY FEW items that provide you defensive stats while bringing you utility or Survivability to the table as well. And I mean VERY VERY FEW. like.. {{item:3026}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3091}} being THE ONLY items that provide you with some kind of survivability AND damage. That being said, we have ONLY ONE ITEM {{item:3071}} which provides HP + DMG. Which is a HUGE backdraft into the itemisation. And there is a good reason for it too. It is BRUISERS. If we had more "Well rounded" items into the game bruisers would go rampant a lot. But than again, it is not THEIR fault. It is their MOBILITY that is the problem. What is mean is that due to game having poor itemisation, MORE and MORE new champions which were relased/reworked in last couple of years all have ENOURMOUS ammounts of mobility. Which is something no MOBA has. SOME mobility is OK. But in game like LoL where you got a lot more SKILL-SHOTS it is NOT ok to have so many dashes. Since most heroes work on A+B =C system. Which is for example {{champion:103}} Hit "Charm" and you just hit your whole skill pool on an enemy and PROBABLY got it killed. Same goes for TONS of other champions. {{champion:99}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:50}} The list goes ON.. I put only MAGES in here, but there are MASSES of other MELEE champions too. Their kits are based on Hit "Spell A" = "Land B and C automaticaly" = Prob killed someone. So due to people having TOO MUCH mobility, we cannot have proper Itemisation, proper items with proper stats. Because than all "Fighter" and "Bruiser" type champions would OWN the game due to their tankyness and mobility. BUT, if they had LESS mobility than such items wouldn't be a problem and people would be able to build well rounded characters. That brings us to the ASSASSIN part. EVERY ASSASSIN, has a unique gameplay style that is "RISK A LOT - GAIN A LOT" Some examples are {{champion:84}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:91}} THESE ARE THE REAL ASSASSINS. This champions up here are Champions which IF THEY ENGAGE, THEY ARE AT RISK. They have to fulfill set amount of conditions to be able to escape sucessfully out of a failed assassination attempt. Be it KILLS to reset their spells, or having coldown on a obstacle to jump through, or enough time to smoke screen yourself. THEY HAVE TO BE PLAYED CAREFULLY and they bring reward if the player has enough experience to understand WHEN can he jump in, and WHERE. That bring's us to some other champions like : {{champion:238}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:555}} Now THIS BUNCH RIGHT HERE. This are the champions that have BUILT IN mechanics to PREVENT failing. If a {{champion:91}} Jmps you, he uses ulty, you can activate {{item:2419}} and dodge it. Leaving {{champion:91}} and all other assassins from first group like, {{champion:107}} {{champion:64}} And the REST, VULNERABLE You prevented the damage window of that assassin and now he is left in middle of your team without defensive tools and must struggle to escape. But What about {{champion:238}} He can use his ULTY to initiate with POINT AND CLICK. From a HUGE range at that. That is his GAP CLOSER. Now when he DOES appear near you. And you for example use {{summoner:4}} or ANY OTHER MOBILITY spell to get away, he still has his SHADOW (W ability) to follow up with you. And he got his own {{summoner:4}} . So if you are not a mobile champion yourself, it is VERY LIKELY that he will catch you. NOW, what happens if you use {{item:2419}} or {{item:3157}} When {{champion:238}} Ulties you, when {{champion:7}} Initiates on you, You prevented their damage window with your itemization. Even tho your ITEM got 120 seconds CD. And their kit got 30 seconds. WHERE IS THE PUNISH WINDOW ? When after wasting EVERY SINGLE GAP CLOSER and Even {{summoner:4}} , A {{champion:238}} can just press "R" to return to other dimension where he originaly casted ulty from. So in this manner, {{champion:238}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:105}} just BURNT your 120 seconds CD protection with THEIR 30 SECONDS one. And to make things even worse, THEY WONT BE PUNISHED FOR THAT. They will just press R, or some other button. and RETURN TO AUSTRALIA. Which makes them UNPUNISHABLE. Not to mention that from level 6 and to END OF THE GAME, Assassins ARE ABLE to just BLOW UP your ADC or your MAGE, SUPPORT, even TANKS 1v1 in less than 10 seconds, and some can even go unpunished for mistakes they make. You cannot even capitalized on bad plays enemy makes or outplays that YOU make, because if you DO OUTPLAY a {{champion:238}} , he will just press R, and return to safety without being in danger. Like, screw your skill and brain i got R..... This is so long post already, and we are just STARTING to cover issue with assassins and basic itemisation in the game. And oh how I want to talk about TRUE DAMAGE. The most broken type of damage that NO HERO should have. True damage should ONLY BE RESERVED for {{summoner:14}} {{summoner:11}} and RED BUFF. Giving champions like YI, Vayne, Conqueror rune. While also having all other "shredding" items in the game, makes certain group of heroes too braindead. Like for example ON-HIT builting heroes who can kill a full built TANK in just few clicks. While that same tank has NO ITEMS, and NO WAYS to itemise VERSUS that damage. Thornmail doesnt return it, nothing reduces it, ETC... MID-LATE game {{champion:10}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:11}} with {{item:3153}} {{item:3124}} can burn through ANY tank making them obsolete and looking like idiots. Because they can die in less than 3 seconds in middle of teamfight. PERCENTAGE based damage is O.K. , BUT WHEN IT HAS A TYPE. Like {{champion:254}} passive, like {{item:3153}}. When it DOES benefit a champion, but also is reduced by enemy's defenses to a reasonable amounts and can be tanked to SOME extent. I can't write anymore, and this post will go into oblivion, there is SO MUCH WRONG with this game, with CHAMPIONS, with TANKS, ITEMS, ADC's, ASSASSINS, everything is in SH1t state for years now, and I just cannot seem to see ANY improvement made regarding any of those. Whenever we THINK that something is being done, our dear developers relase something like {{champion:246}} a {{champion:517}} a THING that has 15 dashes, blinks, ETC, does TONS of damage and can ABYSE some op rune like AFTERSHOCK.. oh god how much can we say about it and all the Squishy champions abysing it to no end... All in ALL, WHEN IS RIOT GAMES GOING TO START HIRING DEVELOPERS WITH BRAIN AND FIRE THIS IDIOTS AND SCUM WHICH IS DRAGGING THIS GAME DEEPER AND DEEPER EVERY YEAR ?
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