Dear Riot

Dear Riot, First let me say this.. League is my favorite game of all time and i don't think that this will change anytime soon. I've been playing since 2010 (even earlier), and i love the fact that this game evolves. (Evolution is necessary in this day of age for any top-tier game) Second let me say this.. I'm very sorry for this letter.. I hate doing this but i feel like i have no other choice. I do this with love for the game that I love and always will love. Thirdly.. well here it comes The thing is.. I think some of the important aspects of the game have gone missing in the 'evolution process'. The last few patches (i don't know exactly when it started) have really been hurting the game for me personally. This is not about a specific champion or about the community. It's a about the game in general. I can't really pinpoint the changes that cause this harm (which will make this rant look kinda vague).. but i'll try my best to explain as clearly as possible. Strategy and Diversity - Team-fights The amount of strategy in the game has hit an all time low. The overall pace of the game has increased in speed (not a bad thing perse), but in this form it's killing allot of the strategic thinking in the game. Nowadays you don't have the time and focus for strategy. It's all about farming and killing your opponent (lane phase) and team-fighting (later phase). This requires all the players's focus. You can't think (or debate) about a strategy on for example the best way to approach a team-fight. Team-fights are way too fast and happen in a flash (the game can end in a flash too). Having 'the lead' can be very misleading, because one little mistake of one player can cost you the game (even at 25mins). ((this was 45+ mins in earlier years)) Your objectives don't change when your team is in the lead or playing from behind, it's always the same for both: (baron/drake, teamfight, tower, teamfight ...end) There is no time to 'breath' for a moment and think about the best way to come back in the game. It's very difficult to apply strategy . It's all about momentum (hitting that one stun for example). A minor mistake can cost you the game. And although this has always been a possibility.. it doesn't feel right for me at the moment and it happens way too frequently. - Mana-management This used to be a major aspect of many champions, but in the league we are playing at the moment it's a very minor part of the game (mostly only in the early-early game) I never thought I would come to a point in my life that i would say this.. but here it comes: ++I Miss Mana-Management++ and i think that this is because there was a lot of strategy involved in how to play a specific champion and how do i use my abilities and with what intention do i use them. Do i use my E for this.. or not.. was a very common choice you had to make all the time. But now almost every skill on every champ is spammable. To be honest it's like all champions have become LEE SIN (energy based) ((or who was the first energy champ again? zed? or kennen? lol idk :p)) - CDR I love spamming spells.. but it has come to point that it hurts the game. Only EZ-Q and Karth-Q (and some others ofcourse) should be like this in my opinion.. It's ok to have way longer cooldown on abilities.. especially on the ultimates. At the moment (almost) all 10 champions will have their ult up in almost every teamfight in the game. This (again) kills allot of strategy and makes for the very 'flashy and chaotic' team fights. I think this has to do with the evolution of items.. but I'm not sure.. or the masteries/runes? or both haha. - The Roles This really hit hard last few patches. And it started with the changes to support i think. Balance is lost in this department. This is the mainframe right? top (tank/bruiser) mid (mage/assassin) jungle (tank/assassin) adc (marksman) supp (tank/assistant) It doesn't feel this way anymore. Tanks do more dmg than adc. Hell even supports can kill an adc 1v1 midgame and sometimes this can happen even in late game ADC really feels dead at the moment. (my favorite role.. might be the main reason for this rant ;p) Mid also feels weird.. it's like all mages are becoming more alike.. they used to feel so different from each-other.. and u had to put in allot of time to master them individually. Junglers used to be lanefixers (semi-supp).. now they just farm and try to carry. Everyone wants to carry.. and this is slowly killing the game. It feels like 'every man for himself'.. these changes somehow affected the 'team love'. I get the intentions to make other roles 'game carry potent',but I don't think it worked out the right way. -( It does align with the narcissistic world we live in .. but it doesn't have to align.. or does it? :( )- To end this i'll add a couple of observatory feelings that I think are connected to these issues.. but i don't know exactly why The difference between the different leagues have changed Silver feels almost the same as Platinum for example, the differences used to be enormous. I feel promoting is more in 'grinding' games now and it used to be more about improving your personal game play and skills in both micro and meta gameplay. I lost the WIN feeling when you finally promote. I really miss that. Pro-players were really Pro I used to look up in awe at players like Faker. Because it was really extraordinary what he could do (Mastering specific champions like he did is LEGENDARY and unprecedented) I think it simply impossible to pull stuff off like he did in the current game state, not because there are no pro players who could become like him.. but because the current game-state doesn't facilitate the right conditions. The same effect applies to pro-teams, all teams look the same and play the same styles. Boring. I lost my awe feeling for pro-players and the pro-league.. and i think it has to do with the game changes. (or maybe the evolution occurs too fast?) I hope this is just a 'darker' time for League.. to put the awesomeness in perspective maybe. Or it has something to do with me personally which I fail to see. Nevertheless, League is still the love of my life. I'll keep playing till I die. Love, Vitoo aka Octopussie PS: My next letter will be about all the things that I think have improved over the last years. The Community and player-behavior for example.. and the Art.. Ohh GOD I love the Art. <3 PS2: Any thoughts or opinions from anyone what so ever are more than welcome.
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