Why am I being punished for playing well

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Just check my op.gg, I made a new account recently after losing access to my old one and I played 8 games of ranked and only won 3, I have yet to play 2 more provisional games. I really don't see what I could do to improve, one game the bot lane is actually behaving like bots and not responding to chat and they just push bot all game and die, similarly to bots. I am not rewarded for warding better or for playing the map better, no my elo falls with these people, and then in the next games I am against complete monkeys and I go 16/0. I think that AI is advanced enough to measure how well you played to decide your net MMR, In my last game I asked the adc, ''Why are you not playing safer, we are going to lose if trist is fed even more.'' To which she replies ''Oh come on everyone has bad games.'' If you check my op.gg you will see that in every single game (of ranked) I play I am the best on the winning (MVP) and losing (ACE) team. I know this isn't very reliable but in total my hidden MMR has fallen because of these people, and my skill is not rewarded at all, in fact I am punished for playing well which seems counter-intuitive.
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