This is why leaving Bronze is a nightmare!

I will not claim that I am the most amazing player and I belong in Challenger. But I think I can make myself work in Silver. The problem is the amount of afkers, trollers and quitters in Bronze. Yes you have them everywhere. But this is the bottom of league. And all dirt piles up at the bottom, not the top. I play with people who are bronze 5 zero LP and have nothing to lose. -Very often, someone goes afk after 5 minutes and does not return. Game lost. -I get drunk people. "Srry i am drunk lol" and goes 0/10. -Quitters. After ten minutes, they tell me the game is already done and they hang out in base and wait for the defeat. It is not fun. I want to get to Silver. Everything is fine, I win a couple of matches. Then I have bad luck and two afkers in a row so I am 40 LP back in the rank. (Usually I gain around 17 LP and lose 20) I rarely get a enemy with an afker. You can say this is not true but they are usually in my team. Next season I am going to count the amount of afkers in an excel file. Please help me out of this nightmare. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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