How to break loosing strike as support.

Hello. I would like to ask about some technical aspect of matchmating. I am playing support pretty well as per my opinion. I am doing my best, I always try to raise morales, I try to guide with pings. My map awarness is pretty high level. 2 seasons ago I had rank platinum 2 and due to inactivity i dropped to gold (thats why i have only gold badge). Right now after placements i got gold 2 and... I am stuck. This is a dead loop of loosing. I am getting worse and worse teams with every lost match chances to break this loosing strike are melting in my eyes. I feel like my play as support have inadequatelly minor influence on game. Like support this season is just a 5th player. Just a fill for team who dont take minions and tries to protect adc from more and more CC ingame. In this moment i feel depressed because of it. Just now when you deleted active option of {{item:3302}} {{item:3306}} {{item:3098}} I feel like I literally cannot change the game score. I am 100% dependent from my carry and jungler. If you wanna spy on my scores, please dont do this. I have bad KDA because my games were lost and this is pretty normal to have bad KDA when you try to fight till very end. During lane phase me and my carry survives always survive (Janna main and now also tahmkench). I feel like I will lose one game more and I will install dota2.
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