Ban system suck : is this behaviour acceptable in ranked game ?

**[removed video - because N&S]** ######But... Here's a kitteh instead ^^ I just had a troll. he was trolling all game and here is my question : is this even banable ? there is no option to report one for trolling, he will never go banned for it and he will resume destroying ranked game, I have job, I should do a project and I just sat 2 day play LoL to hit gold and start my project, and now Im 1 hour behind in life because another one is trolling and he will not be punished ? "WHY BAN SYSTEM SUCK ? IT JUST BAN FOR CHATS AND FLAMING NOTHING ELSE" . i really think a troller is worse than a flamer in my game, flamer just speak but play and will be muted, but troller dont play and ping u over and over. U SEE VIDEO AND HE DO IT ALL GAME OVER AND OVER . i can give you video of game , he was trolling all game, and also he said in chat that he is trolling, but riot will care about this ? will one day this game become a good choice ?
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