Patchnotes 9.12 in a nutshell

**CHAMPS** - new mordekaiser(nice ult) - next ryze rework...lets see... - sylas does no damage to minions with passiv...and q, w buff raw/scaling, e shield on 2nd instance, cd nerf - yuumi passiv nerf, w can be cced with everything now - Aatrox passiv is better in late now, r healing only from urself not teammates - Ashe quality of life w buff (cd,-1 second) - Caitlyn has now a total of 60 base ad - Irelia is nerfed; e cd and range nerf - karma could be annoing; q slow buff and e buff - lulu is _fancy_ now, e buff - nautilus hook nerf (only damage) - zac wants to be _fancy_, w buff, r has lower range **ITEMS** - Corrupted potion stays at 15 dmg **MISC ** - Aram champion rebalance - Dark Cosmic Jhin (nice ult animation) **EDIT** may you use the poll i want a good selection {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} Leave an upvote if u want me to do this for every future patch.

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