told riot support i'm leaving here's what they said

So the story goes like this, i spent 50k blue essence on this account and 50k blue essence on my other account to send gifts to friends and family. None of them got any notifications of the gifts i sent them!! i asked riot why didnt they fix this, and it's not fair spents hundreds of hours on your game to get those ip and all you can say is tough luck we cant do anything about it. Then i ask can you give me some type of compensation they like no we cant because of the fps issues i get like 30 fps that drops to 6 - 15 fps in team fights - yet still riot dont do anything i said i'm gonna stop playing league then the support said good luck to you byeeeeeeeee (dont let the door hit you on the way out) they really dont give a crap if you leave feels badman{{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} anyway i hope the fps issues get fixed soon you guys have fun
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