Pro Blitzcrank Tip

(Note; this in fact works with every skillshot, but it's especially fun on Blitzcrank) I know many of you lot have been in a similar situation. You're playing Blitzcrank support and your bottomlane is boring as hell, literally nothing is happening. Your ADC is farming, their ADC is farming. You try to get some neat next level MLG swag hooks going but the enemy ADC is smart and moves behind the minions constantly. When you go too close for an E instead he will just back up a bit. You're Blitzcrank, you want action, you want to do something, you want to flash next to the minion wave to go for a one-chance snipeshot hook right into the enemy ADC sorry, for even coming to YOUR bottom lane (accept it, you're Blitzcrank, you're the god right now), face. But, we all know that feeling, you flash in, you hook, everything seems so perfect, the enemy ADC will be hooked towards you, you shall slap him right in his ugly face that is barely to be recognized from a monstrosity similar to my grandma. Your ADC will react and finish off the enemy with some amazing boom boom bang attacks and abilities..... Unfortunately, you miss the hook. There you stand, you flashed in, everything was going to be so beautiful. But now it's just you, next to a wave of minions, no enemy ADC in range, you feel like your world is collapsing through sheer embarassment. It feels like even your own minions are laughing at you. Your own ADC instantly left the game as he does not deem his time worthy to play with such an awful person as you are. You're not a hero, you're a failure. HOWEVER, there's a simple line that will redeem you from this awful misplay, a single line in all chat that will make you become a better man than before this even happened. All you have to do, when you flash in and miss your skillshot is type this following line in all chat "Consider that a warning". Guaranteed to make you a better player, guaranteed to make you feel less embarassed.
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