How Does League of Legends Welcome New Players?

>^^)> Important: Please keep this thread as constructive as possible without any unnecessary comments to anyone involved. <(^^< I have recently starting playing on a new account, currently at lvl 13. I went through all the usual panic from not having runes or a full mastery page, along with the confinement to the free champions rotations. These are experiences that new players face, so I accept them. But now that I'm reaching closer and closer to level 20, I begin to realise just how steep the entire levelling system really is. As a smurf, I was put against other smurfs, some with a higher skill level than I, and some not so much. This I don't mind, as it's clear I have played this game before, and it's clear my team mates have too. To do this is to not allow us new players to interfere and discourage new players from playing. But it's mainly the growing frustration of needing IP that really discourages me from continuing to level. On my main account, I have acquired every champion through IP, but I still have some runes to buy. My need of IP is at the minimal, and often I don't really care about it. However, on this new account, I need IP for new champions to use and runes to buy, along with rune pages etc. As of right now, to be able to enjoy this game to a reasonable extent seems to require way too much grinding for IP, unless we players spend RP. The incredible demand of time puts a daunting atmosphere when I play. Prices are simply set a little too high, especially for many champions that has been around for so long. Alternatively, you can argue that due to new player's limited experience, they would find it fine, if not even more appropriate, to have this steep climb for them to slowly learn... But here's the problem - those with experience and runes knows what they should spend their IP on. Those who are higher level has access to Tier 3 runes already, along with more mastery points and, well, IP to spend. In conclusion, it seems to me that it takes simply way to long to achieve the amount of IP you need for a suitable set up. Even past level 20, you'd have too little IP for runes anyways, unless you're willing to own only 1 champion or so. I would be incredibly grateful if any new players can comment on this with their own experiences and thoughts. TL/DR = I believe current IP prices for League of Legends content are set a little too high, and it discourages new players.
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