Regarding the issue of Normal Draft requirements

Who was the shining beacon of brilliance in your balancing team who had unironically decided to raise the requirement bar of champions you need to posses in order to be able to play Normal Draft? First of all, its supposed to be available from an earlier level, to prepare new players for ranked, so when they hit level 30, they won't blunder into it unprepared, but somewhat trained and accustomed to the roles, picks, ban selections, counterpick predictions and all the other useful, yet now basic skills that any player should be aware of and posses. Are they supposed to spend the first 30 levels (30-45 days of leveling, depending on your winrate and available free time) on blind normals, where they'll have to endure the most acute forms of trolling, call pick disrespecting and randomness of matchup? Or is this yet another of your ways of making players spend their money on EXP, IP boosts and RP to purchase champions with?
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