Here is why the client sucks

I'll try to end all the crying about how the "client sux", because it should be expected the way they made it. The client sucks so much because it's literally a browser like IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc... **Q:** Wait why is it bad that it's a browser? **A:**Because it has to load anything you click on EVERY TIME. It doesn't pre-load everything like other game do, so that your experience is smoother. I'd get it if riot actually kept tabs open of your profile, shop, collections so you only have to load them once. But no, they don't do that, you have to load your profile, shop, collections, champ select, runes every single time... _all of the links are just examples_ They do this every time you click on profile, shop, etc: Profile = connect to and load_**Profile**_ Collections = connect to and**Collections**_ Shop (this one is big and takes longer) = connect to and load**Shop**_ BTW this =>**TheKebabRemover**/Profile is the reason why you can't have the same name on multiple accounts in the same region because it is impossible (they could add #2523 or or something but riot is too lazy to do that). If you don't believe me that the client is browser based, try going to the shop and you might see that loading circle sometimes (because it's big and mostly likely to happen there). There are 2 ways to fix this that I see: 1. Keep it browser based and make tabs so it loads once and never again (unless you close the client) and add some animations to make it look smoother. 2. Rework everything, means it isn't browser based anymore thus it just pre-loads everything but it takes around 2-10 seconds (based on how strong your PC is) to load everything and never again making anything you click on pop out instantly + they could do some animations to make it look smooth. The first option is not time consuming and could be done in less than a week or two, quick and effective. The second option is time consuming and could be done in around a year or less, long and rewarding. Clubs, friends, profile picture and name never take long because guess what? they load only once >:D Also: you know that thing in the runes secondary tree where it would pop out a red triangle error and the thing where it swap would out the top while rune you were changing the bottom rune with your new chosen one? That's just riot being lazy and not wanting to fix it :D Cheers! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Also I thought this sticker was Vi, but it's actually slayer-jinx skin.
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