Music while playing ('YES!' or 'nah'?)

Hi all, I've mentioned this topic before, but I'm still curious about your thoughts. Are you playing music while playing (Ranked) games? For me it's like: "Okay let's tune my playlist during the game and turn off the in-game background music" Mostly, when the good part of your track comes up, you feel like you're OP and could jump-in 1v5 (what sometimes work, but 80% not xD). My point is, I would love to play my own music while playing, but sometimes it's distracting because I'm feeling my own music too much or something. It's like a de-buff: -20% focus or something. How do you guys do it? Can you relate? And if you're playing music, what are you listening? Looking forward to your replies! Regards, Tralux

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