Neeko is garbage.

Honestly, i don't think there is a champion in this game that is truly.... sh*t. The under powered champions can work if played really good, but this... this is something else. Her kit is so bad i don't know where to start. I have played her quite a lot before i wrote this,and i did carried with her too. but that's only because the enemy team was just so bad that even her bad kit worked against them. Lets start with her Q. The hitbox on that thing is just tiny and the amount of damage it does does not justify this small hitbox, nor does its range. You can easily hit it on someone who is rooted or stunned, however, trying to lead your skills to hit moving enemies is like x30 times harder because dodging this small hitbox is just so easy and even if you do hit it... it's upfront damage is not amazing... the other half of the damage comes when you tick it twice more. it will tick once on a moving target, it will tick twice if the target rooted(0.5 seconds) and the third tick will not go because the enemy is long off the hitbox. I'm pretty sure it's the same size as nami's bubble.. but the difference is that nami's bubble is hard cc, which justifies the small hitbox. Overall hitting your q is just not reliable enough and missing it is just takes away pretty much 50% of your damage. ------------------------------------------ Moving to her W. This ability's active doesn't fool anyone. an image of you running in a straight line is just.... not gonna fool any one... and it doesn't. The vision and invisibility it grants is nice but not anything special. You can also block some skillshots with it.. but it's very hard to time it, and again not all. I just seriously don't get the passive on her W. Every third attack deals some extra damage. OKAY. So it's nice you can line up your third attack with your abilities for some extra burst but in a real life situation where enter a teamfight... you will most likely not use it... at all.. the damage on it is just pathetic and attacking 3 times just to proc some extra damage will most likely get you killed before you can get to the third hit because: 1) you need to be close range to AA 2) you are squishy AF 3) you attack slow. Really slow. I think that passive should also increase her attack speed substantially for it to work. --------------------------------------------- Her E. this is where it gets interesting... so the first 2 targets to get hit get rooted for... 0.5 seconds. Is that a joke? 0.5 seconds. how much can you pull off in 0.5 seconds? I mean ryze's cc is longer and it's fricking point click(dafuq riot). So her single target root is pathetic. ok. if you hit that e at max range on a single enemy, long before anyone could react to it will be over. you can root with e at max range, use w to get to there quicker and ulti... but you would have to do it so fast that your team won't follow up in time and you will be in the middle of the entire enemy team alone. Yes, her empowered E is great (when it turns purple after it hits 2 enemies) but still rather short. a lot shorter than most forms of cc in this game... which are much easier to hit. Most point click cc in this game is longer than this. yes you can reach 3 seconds root but you'd have to hit like 2 minions and 3 or more champions... and morgana gets a free 3 second root just for maxing her q. ------------------------------------------------ Ultimate. So. you're a squishy target running into the middle of the entire enemy team, preparing your ultimate for 1.25 seconds. during that everyone is going to focus you... and guess what? you're targetable! :D Yes yes! you guessed it right! it's not like xayah's ultimate that you become untargetable when mid air... no... you are completely targetable even when mid air. Lets not crack another joke about the length of this stun which is a pathetic 1.25 seconds. doesn't even leave you enough time to get the hell out of the center of battle. So say you intiated with your ult... you stunned and then to not get fuxed you rooted the enemy right next to you... oh... *<insert melee champ's name that can oneshot you here>*'s root wore off after 0.5 seconds.... you're dead. I tried running zhonya... zhonya lasts longer than their stun so it's totally fricking useless... you will get focused after your ult. Did i mention you are fragile? -------------------------------------------- Passive. Like what the hell, riot? Any idiot can differentiate you from the real thing. As soon as they see you(disguised as nasus) not running towards them with your w and starting mash and bash them into utter dust they will understand you are not him. Even if they do fall for it... you threw your e.... rooted them for 0.5 seconds and then.... they start chasing you Because you are fricking fragile and die from everything. Overall the passive doesn't give you shit. I want a refund on the BE riot.
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