I think Kayle could use some loving

As i see it right now she is pretty weak, first fervor got reworked into something that decreased her potential dmg by up to 20-30% (in the right circumstances) and the raylais tweak, witch i first hated on Azir and grew to kinda like (still think he should get a small compensation tho, can feel the damage drop and the survivability drop) has had pretty bad effects on Kayle id say. Azir is my #1 and my love, but if i want to get a job done and gaurantee (mostly) a win i take Kayle, but after the raylais tweak i find that her damage output is lackluster and she cant take any damage whatsoever now. I suppose i could do a frozen maller runans huricane build, but that means id have to get 2 items to do the job 1 item that was and still is core in most Kayle builds i see. So if the people in the balance department could give some more base dmg to E or anything of the sort, i belive it would make her a bit more competative once more. Thats not to say that she can't be used right now, but she does feel somewhat weak, or it might just be the current meta. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!
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