Sylas R

It's ya boi killer Keemstar here, what are your thoughts about Sylas **R**? In my opinion Riot has made another champion that's very difficult to balance - or at least it's ultimate ability. Apparently Sylas can "steal" one enemy champion's ultimate (at the time) and use it when he wills. I wonder how will Riot find a way to balance that. Will Sylas deal as much dmg as the enemy does (bc that'd be broken af) or does Sylas have normal scaling on that specific ultimate (bc that'd be useless ~~af~~ _unless it's** CC** ultimate_. And how would Sylas react with {{champion:76}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:60}} ults{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} And I'm 98% sure that at some point after release to beta there will still be bugs regarding he's ultimate and Riot has to pull Sylas off for some time.
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