Facts about Nerfing Yasuo

I just played 6 matches and win 4 , in 4 ranked games i have yasuo in enemy team. This champion is broken his passive taht gives him shield is too op and should be nerfed or removed. some facts about it : It can charge when he is in combat , it counters any ult that deals damage by some secs like Zed ult, when someone hit him when shield is active he get bonus armor. 2nd part of passive he get bonus critical chance. His W should be completly removed from game becouse it counters any basic attacks and all range ults : Caitlyn Ashe Ezreal Jinx. Lets talk about E , That skill need to be nerfed becouse he got too much mobilty. My idea is to give that ability bigger CD becouse he can spam it whole time to get away or go around enemies. On the end his Q, when i was playing gnar i saw that when he press Q gnar cant use E (Jump). About his ult its not too much powerful and not weak I think its only thing that Riot didnt fu*k up in this champion. Let me know your thoughts below and see you on the rift
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