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Hey everyone, I have a ton of questions that I hope someone can help me with or point me towards the answer. Howmuch damage should commet do each game? Howmuch damage should scortch do each game? Howmuch time should timewarp Tonic make me spend hasted? Howmuch immidiate healing should timewarp tonic have restored? Hlowmuch immidiate mana should timewarp tonic have restored? Howmuch bonus damage should minion dematerializer do? Howmuch total damage should electrocute do? Howmuch total damage for cheap shot? Howmuch healing should Taste of blood give? Howmuch healing should ravenous hunter give? Howmuch extra distance should celerity give? Howmuch total healing should fleet of footwork give? Howmuch restored health and bonus gold for Triumph? What time should LEgend: Alactriry be completed? Howmuch extra damage should Coup de Grace give me? So, as you can probably tell ive been keeping an eye on what I actually gain from my runes in order to tell if I am taking the right ones. Reason for this is that I sometimes feel like my numbers are off and I'm better off with something else. I for example still take corrupting pod in combination with timewarp tonic and minion dematerializer on actually almost all champions I play in midlane and lagely also in the toplane. Lately ive been experienting a bit with difrent runes and one thing I liked to do was go spellbook, stopwatch, minion dematerializer, corrupting pod (and secondary manaflow + trancendence) so that I could swap around summs, get my hands on lane tp's, cleanse for annoying stuff, ignite for killpresure.. Barrier when things get rough.. You get the idea. So.. In a game I went 8/1/11 with as Xerath my commet did 1.9k scorch only 550.. Healing from pod+tonic was 1200 and mana 800, while the extra damage to minions was about 4300. And it makes me wonder if I should consider taking something else cause those numbers dont seem that high imo. Hope someone can shed some light on this or knows of an web page that has general numbers that runes should give. Please dont point out that these numbers can vary, I am aware of this =) I'd just like to be able to roughly compare my numbers.
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