Rito, this is too much. (PBE changes for Akali)

I don't understand. I don't understand why did you guys thought that it was okay to **change Akali's energy restoration** ** from 10/20/30 to 10/15/20.** Akali is one of the best characthers in the aspect of energy regeneration, but this is way too much. You reduced her regeneration **to a 75% and then to a 66%**? Those changes are **a huge nerf**, guys: The use of her abilities will be incredible affected by this, specially because you also reduced her **AP from 70% to a 50% AND her AD from 90% to A 60%** when **her passive is the source of her damage.** Not her basic, either her Q or her **R** (which second dash is supposed to do an important amount of damage but sometimes it just doesn't because is **pretty freaking bugged**) but her **PASSIVE** and you are literally destroying it. **You just killed her.** I know that it's hard to balance some champions, but for a champion like **Akali that has a 45% of win rate** and this seems way too much. Please, try to fix this as soon as possible, ramé

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