Permanent bans of accounts should be removed, instead permanent ban chats

I have been playing this game since season 1, there are still toxic people and bullies in this game. Riot Games system didn't change anything but support bullying more. Instead of permanently ban an account where players spent their hard-earned money, why don't they permanently ban their chats. No chat, no toxic talking. These cases mostly applied in games: 1. A player is toxic and insults others. Solution - permanent ban the player chat in the game, toxic players won't be able to type anything. 2. A player troll a game, ban the person from rank games after investigating the replay. 3. Group of bullies reported a single player, support should investigate the whole game chat and punish the right person and not blame the victim before doing any punishment. Most games's companies permanently ban people over hard insults, racism, illness threats, death threats and other serious insults.
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