These champions need a nerf Hotfix

Heimer, Talon, Zoe, Brand and Quinn. The snowball is out of control. Time after time I see these champs 1v9. Akali should be on the list too, but since she is getting nerfed by Riot in one of the upcoming patches I wont borther too much with her. Some of you may question my quinn pick. I play against quinn alot top and I have to play very defensive most of the times. I do manage to farm quite decently but as soon as she turns lv 6 and spreads her wings you know one of your teammates is gonna die, despite your pings, shes that fast. She might fail the first time due to you pinging your teammates, but the amount of pressure quin applies is insane. You should not be able to counter most of the top laners and still be able to freely roam and apply that much pressure. Same applies to talon. Ofcourse there are other god tier champions, but these are the ones who are destroying the games at the momenet where I stand.
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