Make Teamplay more important!

First of - I don't mean anything regarding the gameplay, balancing or stuff like that. I think most issues many players have, reaching from community over just losing to frustration of any source, would be solved by encouraging players (through whatever) to play in 5 pre's with friends or players they've known for a while. Besides not having such people online all the time, there is one even more important reason that prevents players from doing that: Everyone is playing Solo/Duo because that's the mode that "matters" most. And I do it too. Who gives a damn about FlexQ? See? While I play the game for fun, the most fun I have is when I get points; a strict result which shows me what I "worked" for, which is LP. And that's best given in SoloQ and that should be changed in my opinion. I know there is also a Flex rank, that will be shown if it's over the SoloQ rank, but honestly, who looks after that rank. As some of you might guess, that all sounds like a quite simple solution we all already heard of: Clash! For players like me, that wont earn their money by climbing to a high rank, clash would infinitely increase almost every positive experience I could have with this game! Thoughts?
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