2 months since last time i played league and not missing it somehow.

i joined league in season 4 on my oldest account and i can say that season 9 has been the season with me most un-desire to play for me. too much damage and stuns in the game in general and mostly its about which champ can one shot first not to mention all the problems with the jungle xp problem , no stable toplaner style problems , so many stupid champs coming out right now who are so broken you cant even bother to trade no more, unbalance in matchmaking and all and now event his eternals stupidity im hearing. last time i played league it was 2 months ago and while many times i have quited for over 2 weeks but ached so hard to play it again this time i barely feel the desire to climb anymore. only reason im writing this thread today was bc i want riot to make 1 last stand and actually focus on fixing this game if they can. i miss the season 7-8 league feeling and its not the same i got this year so unless something big changes i dont see how i can find any will to play this game any longer. again no ranting or anything. just writing this as a feedback or smth. to all the climbers out there though i wish you good luck on your climbing :)
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