Hey I've just played a game in normal, while I haven't been playing the best lately, in this case i made no real mistakes, and a Lucian mid destroyed me, Ive looked up the Lucian and he doesn't have a high mastery on the champ. While i was playing with a mastery 6 champ i have. His early game damage wasnt balanced at all, when he was tower diving me and getting out at lvl 3 i feel like i must complain, this shouldnt be possible for anyt champ, and while the range nerfs have lowerd his power, they havent dealt with the glaring issues in this champion. Apart from this the fact that another laner can move into mid lane and do that much damage is just plain stupid. No adc should be that well suited to mid lane and vice versa. While i may just sound stupidly salty, (and i have to admit i do sound like that even to me) i cant agree with this, its too overwhelming the amout of damage he lets out.
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