Another major mistake made in low elos that people are afraid to play support role. They think that support role is "busted". In fact partially they are right, in the sense that support role does provide no much benefits to winning as carry. But look at this with different angle. What if you are playing in duo? Do you want autofill support who is doing trashy things? Not THRESHy :P What if there is one 35% winrate guy who is playing on all those roles in iron, he thinks carry the most. So he takes high impact role, and loses, because he has ZERO understanding of the game. But if he would be support, in case he CONTINUES to play, place wards and so on, he would be CARRIABLE. Because he lets farm to his teammates, he allows to carry himself. So statistically player significantly below 50% winrate, like 33 or 15%, should just spam support role non-stop. With some Janna or Soraka. May be he won't have 90% winrate, but he will get 55-60%. Macro wins. Not your super-"smart" wave management or whatever.
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