Riven can have animation cancels but graves can't have a ..... animation cancel?

Riven can have animation cancels but graves can't have a cigar animation cancel. On the PBE there is currently a change to riven which makes her animation cancels smoother, I feel that riot is being inconsistent here. In the past 2 patches they have removed Renekton q animation cancels and they have also removed graves his ult e cancel. I think this is incredibly stupid and unfair to the two champions which cancels got removed. Riven is a champion about skill so when you play her you get better at animation cancels and thus do better with the champs, with graves and renekton this was the same. However for some odd/weird reason Riot figured that on these champions it didn't have to do anything with skill so they just removed it. I know that the Renekton Q animation cancel was considered a bug/unintended feature but I still see no reason as to why it got removed since this never made the champion OP. Graves was incredibly strong and arguably still is, I also know that riot has said in the past that Graves was not allowed to have this combo/animation cancel because it was removing his tradeoff for using his ult (his knockback). I highly disagree with this statement, the way this cancel worked was by using his auto then his ult and then his e immediately. So there is a big trade off here, graves had to put his e on cd in order to use his ult. So I don't understand and I disagree with riots thoughts on the graves R E changes because "he didn't have to make a tradeoff". Sometimes it just feels like the balance department at Riot doesn't play the game and they barely seem to know how some of the champions interact and work. I really hope graves his combo get's returned however it seems unlikely. But if it doesn't at least riot should consider changing riven's animation cancels/removing them since this only seems fair to me.
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