@Rito Check out these new rune keystone ideas :

One thing that is really really annoying, is when supports do not get sightstone because they prioritize ap items. **Introduce the SIGHT TRINKET keystone that lets you get the 4 wards from sightstone directly into your trinket maybe ?** Some champions would do really good in jungle if they just had some more cc, just like the option to have both flash and smite + exhaust **Implement the IMPROVED CHILLING SMITE keystone that basically exhausts targets if you choose to get "chilling smite"** As an adc, you're basically powerless against assasins unless some teammates help you out, and even then, it is very hard against some of them **Add the MARKSMAN BRAVERY keystone that gives you 1 or 0.5 second of invulnerability after you first take damage from a champion, which is kind of like a banshee but it doesn't prevent you from getting cc-ed** If you really think, you can get keystones to improve every summoner spell while it is on cooldown. **Flash** : Hextech flash kind of sucks, make it have the same effect as Zoe's ultimate instead when flash is on cooldown. **Ghost** : Be immune to minion damage when it's active / Gain increased movement speed towards enemies who flash when it's off cooldown **Barrier** : Let it act as a fortify when it's on cooldown, giving barrier to turrets / Get yourself weaker version of tahm's grey health when it's on cd **Heal** : Give your target immunity to damage over time effects over a couple of seconds (doesn't work when you cast it on yourself), spawn a healing ward that only heals up to a cap over time when heal is off cd **Ignite** : Get an initial blast of damage before adding the damage over time effect at the cost of you receiving the same initial damage / get a sunfire effect when it is off cooldown, so champions who do not build sunfire would be viable in jungle with ignite and smite. **Cleanse** : If you activate it before a Suppression/Airborne you get immune to them as well / You become untargetable but unable to attack or cast spells for 1 second after you activate it (note that you're still susceptible to aoe dmg) **Teleport** : Be able to fake a teleport while it is on cooldown, it can have so much impact / Make turrets immune to damage when you teleport to them
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