The upcoming Zoe changes

Hello! First of all, I don't think this is a good idea. 1. The rework would support the 1-2 abilities one shot play style making it even more frustrating to deal with. * If her E is gonna be able to kill an enemy at level 9 by itself then what's the point of taking away the trap on the floor? Honestly, other than zoning the trap isn't that effective because people aren't stupid enough to walk into it unless they are panicked and can't focus on their surroundings. 2. The R duration is perfectly fine at 1 second, if you are planning to make it even longer, in my opinion you should be able to recast it to return, otherwise you would be just sitting there waiting for ages to return after you miss your 1 ability you can use, and let's say in 2 seconds you can get killed easily. Also, taking away the vision so that you can't land your q as easily is stupid considering you can see where your sleeping target is. And if you are checking baron you will be on the other side seeing stuff anyways. Unless that's the vision being taken away (which wouldn't make any sense). 3. The W. Oh the W... You see, I've been using a special build way before unsealed spellbook got reworked (2 months I think). Now this build required smite and ghost with unsealed spellbook. But then unsealed spellbook got changed, almost ruining the perfected build completely. Here's my old summoner build: smite-ghost -> ignite-ghost -> ignite-flash -> blue smite-flash -> blue smite-ghost. It was all about the speed, that her W gives. But then her W got nerfed along with her passive. Another important thing about the build is that I maxed Q **last**. Because as much as I used it, the damage it got from leveling up was enough for me to manage. But if her W gets nerfed even more damage wise, I might as well just quit playing her because I find the one shot build disgustingly easy. I know I sound like a spoiled, salty child who doesn't want their champion to be nerfed, but I really don't think giving Zoe even more burst damage would be the solution to the current situation. If the W gets nerfed, sure she can't just run around and auto attack people anymore. But right now if she does that, the Q damage is almost nothing making that play style balanced in my eyes. Now as for what I would change: Change her scaling in a way Aurelion's passive - W damage got changed. Lowering the base damages on her Q and W and increasing her passive damage. I know she would just start booping people out of existence with her passive but if the Q damage was lowered, the two would balance out each other. And if the passive damage would be too much, an E nerf would fix it I think. Before Zoe I used to be an Aurelion main. I had like a 70-ish win rate but then the nerf train started and I honestly just gave up on him because I couldn't carry the same way I used to. Why did I mention this? Because I don't want to see Zoe go through the same thing. I was fine with the nerfs to the speed build I made up and used constantly, but having it taken away completely would just make Zoe another boring champion (at least for me that's for sure). We already have Lux who can do the _**EXACT**_ same thing except she has a shield instead of a portal. If you got this far, thanks for reading. These are my thoughts, feel free to share what you think about the changes. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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