Taliyah Q buff won't change a thing

She's does not need number changes in her kit she's needs a few QoL changes that's all, her kit works against the way you play or should be playing her. They lowered her Q mana which is totally not needed as you never seem to run out of mana just spamming Q plus you can't really spam that spell anyways They lowered worked ground by 40 seconds, to be honest worked ground should be scrapped there are way to many restrictions on her Q like for example Q does 50% less damage on each hit, the skill is predictable and is in need to positioning her self for 3 seconds which leaves the enemy knowing her movements, Q aslo can be blocked. Her limitations are a lot as is so why bring worked ground into a kit like hers? I think one of the changes in her q should be worked ground no longer exists and the splash damage should be a lot bigger this would help her clear the wave and roam.
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