<HELP NEEDED> lf MMR Expert to explain me few things.!

So i recently got back to the game after 3 years break.. obviously couldnt remember my main account details.. none of em so i had to lvl a new acc.. soo.. *leveling was more or less stabile games win one - loose one.. *just before placement.. i won 18 games out of 20.. including the placement games 9wins / 1 lose. with grade A - S (perhaps one or two B) but in avarage carried the games pretty well. *i was placed in games with high golds and platinas (which was already wierd) and..... I got placed into iron 2. After winning few games in ranked skipped divisions to b4.. Now to my question.. accordingly to https://eune.whatismymmr.com/crazyalec my mmr is now at gold V.. but how come i am placed in b4.. and not really beeing able to carry games.?? lost like 9 games in row after placement games Oo back indays you got placed like 2-3 divisions below your &quot;real MMR&quot; which was understandable.. but now it was 10 divisions down (almost more than 2 leagues).. i just have no idea how this is possible.. im not too good after i got placed.. not dominating in games either.. also other players are wondering &quot;how is there b4 player in the same game with us&quot; --so its just not me being confused.. ..yea yea i know MMR sets the values.. but HOW AM I PLACED IN IRON if my mmr is gold??????
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