I'm convinced Riot are struggling to balance (Example; the Soraka "nerf")

So after power playing Soraka for a long time before this patch, i found that she was in a rather strong state however she had her flaws and mechanics that tested the good from the great. Looking at her changes on paper, one is quick to assume it's a nerf simply because people called it that, however after completely trashing the enemy even easier in just one game, i've come to a realization that her core power has been turned into easier accessible power. To begin with, Pre-patch Soraka had a very harsh Mana cost on both her heal and q, it also has a somewhat longer cooldown. This was very noticeable now as i was able to spam all of my kit with incredible ease. This turned Soraka into an easier poke support. The second half of this pre-Soraka mechanic test was her q being not only a skill shot, Whilst being a typical point and click aoe skill shot, there was the added purpose of having to hit the champ directly in the middle. That isn't the easiest thing to pull off in the grand scene of things. Instead now it's a more basic SS which is pretty much in the same style of Brands, Xereth etc. Least we forget that by landing the Q, she gains movement speed which can help a lot more than one would think as mobility is often a selling point and thus making her again easier to play. With all of these changes adding up to make her weaker, it has in turned made her easier to play which adds more accessible power during game. On paper it's a nerf however in game this have proven to be quite the buff, one that i can see getting further nerfs in the near future which then i'm scared will completely gut her entirely... This has been a trend i have seen of recent where champions with "problems" in the meta have instead lost power but became increasingly easier to play which causes more problems than already present. Another big gripe i'm having at the moment is AP alistar which before was already strong however with the recent change to his combo now being a lot easier to land, it's made AP alistar way to prominent, something which i don't think was ever meant to happen with Alistar. ... This also brings up another point of champions who have incredibly easy accessible power due to a pretty easy kit that almost feels cheap to play against at times. Those like Annie, Singed, Garen, Jax, Malphite, Tryndamere, Volibear, Xin Zhao, Nasus, and the worst at the moment, Olaf. Most of these have the theme of target skill shots with insane out put damage and buffs that can create very "interesting" circumstances https://youtu.be/M-aNSNw4V5o?t=852 See: 14:11 I am personally very confused at the situations riot keeps putting themselves into when it comes to create or recreating kits that add ease to a champion all because of on ideal nerf to damage. There are many champions in todays game that see little incentive play because they are 'tough' to play but at the same time strong. Kalista, Anivia, Elise, Viktor, Evelynn, Bard, Rumble and Azir to name a few main ones. I personally feel instead of lowering champions power and giving them little quirks or gimmicks to ease the nerf, make them have to work more for the damage available. I would be much happier if i was beaten by a good player rather than an easy champion and sadly I'm seeing it less and less. Sometimes like with Soraka, taking away something and giving them something else does not always work. I'm sure everyone remembers AD fizz after all.
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