Can we talk a bit about Master Yi?

So, I feel a bit frustrated and maybe it's me who don't realize few things and need to learn more. I had a game against Master Yi in jungle. We won our lane (me Leona, adc Vayne), it went pretty well. Mid was ok too. Toplane so, so but he didn't feed. Even our jungler was fed. So everyone can thing that it will be easy to win yeah? We took all dragons, cooperation was amazing (I'm shocked!), we took 2 barons, all towers, inhibitors. It's time to party, yeah? Well... not exactly. I went full tank, only armor (since the main problem was Master Yi and Fiora). I even solo killed Fiora once, I was so sure we will win. But then 2 teamfights happened: - we were all in, I ulted, stunned Master, he Qed all the time, he got ultimate from Lulu, healed very fast. I stunned him again, he Qued and healed from all damage we dealt to him in the meantime. It was just seconds. And on 2 Q he was killing half of our team... Including me with armor, 3k hp and lots of kills and assists... He dealt me more than 1000 true damage in few seconds, practically like I was just a paper not a tank. {{summoner:3}} - we got baron again, we pushed all lanes but they went all mid and even with us having all those dragons, kills, items and goddamn baron - we couldn't kill them. Mostly because Master was just one shotting our papers. On his Q he could dive towers without losing hp and I honestly never felt so clueless in game ever. WHAT TO DO? I got frozen heart etc. I stunned him whenever I could I just can't imagine what to do in the future to win such game?! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} As Leona I'm not afraid of Yasuo or Zed who always dies when I stun them and I never was afraid of Yi before. But idk maybe he was buffed lately or what because that was just a big joke... We tried so hard, it was a rare moment where I actually enjoyed this game and here we comes. PS. Yes mostly me and Vayne focused Yi - team didn't listen. But I think that 1-2 seasons ago that was not a problem to kill him as a super-fed botlane with stuns. *sigh*
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