My thoughts on ghost nerf

Good day summoners. I want you to hear me out for a second. Ghost used to be a very dominant (maybe too dominant) summoner spell for midlane mages for some time thanks to multiple buffs and it's understandable it got nerfed eventually. My problem is the way it got nerfed. Instead of having an immediate impact now it's impact is delayed by a lot (yes 2 seconds are a lot in this game) which is a huge issue. In my opinion, any ability becomes significantly weaker if it's impact is delayed. There are abilities in the game with delayed impact already but most of them has something to make up for it, for example Zilean's Time bomb and Chronoshift. Time bomb as itself is not a strong ability but if you can land 2 of them on the same target it makes it super impactful, chronoshift as itself is a very very strong ability but it's impact is delayed until the target dies that's why it's optimal to use it in the last second possible so it can have it's impact asap. Ghost as itself isn't strong enough to be impactful with a delay and it currently doesn't have anything to make up for it. I don't want to make suggestions on how to fix this issue but it's just not right how it is right now. I hope my thoughts will find the right person soon enough. Greetings from a fellow sad summoner, have a nice day.
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