ADC Meta invading all lanes

Remember when bruisers were invading other lanes especially bot due to ADCs being weak and nerfed? Well entire community rose up against bruisers and stood up for ADCs to get buffed and strong back again. People were quick to point fingers at all bruisers and bruiser players. Now that we see an ADC Top,Mid,Bot and some even jungle like KaiSa, are you going to do the same? Back when bruisers were bot, i was all up for ADCs to be brought back because it wasn't fair and it was a dumb decision to nerf them. But now that we have them in every role, i don't see people complaining about it? It's impossible to play Top against PTA/Resolve Tristana,Vayne as melee. Mid is invaded by every ADC like Cait, Lucian, Tristana etc. Kaisa is often played in the jungle, while on bot we have regularly another ADC. Every lane is always being hard pushed, all lanes don't have any prio and it's a nightmare for junglers tbh. Playing on one side of the map and one lane, means you are playing a russian roulette and hope enemy ADC that is on the opposite side of the map bad and doesn't get too much plates, pressure, gold, kills to carry a game. Telling that lane to 'play safe dont die' is meaningless since that lane is perma pushed and can't even farm under turret because of enemy ADC auto attacking them. And since they are ADC, enemy jungler has no issue ganking all lanes which means diving you as well. All the plates gone towards that ADC, pressure, items, everything. And nothing can be done against that. "Better let go that turret than to die" Well no, nothing is better it's just picking the same scenario. You either try to solo win the lane or get even, since your jungler will most likely pick bot to camp or you play safe under turret and see enemy ADC getting all the gold from plates, creeps while you can't even touch one creep while risking a potential dive on you. EDIT: What people don't understand is an ADC on a solo lane has lots of pressure, always has prio, always will be ahead of CS,EXP so a bruiser even if he finds a window for a kill, an enemy ADC is never alone due to jungler being close to her since naturally she has prio. Tristana for example has 2 disengages with 3rd being resolve/tankiness. Vayne has stealth, condemn, Corki has his package or W etc. You as a bruiser who is being always pushed under turret trying to farm up at least some cs, will never be able to ward and even if you do, it's pointless. Trinkets are not going to last forever and leaving a Control Ward means you are only giving away gold to enemy ADC. Even if you are ganked by your own jungler, it rarely means you will have a kill pressure because you are always behind, probably half or low hp since you are trying to farm under turret while enemy ADC is auto attacking you and she/he always has more creeps than you. This means that one way or another creeps or her will kill you. ADCs on solo lanes are frustrating to play against as melees and there is NO counter to them. There is a difference when an unknown player picks an ADC on a solo lane and when a Challenger ADC main is playing on a solo lane. And there is a difference with unknown jungler and Challenger jungler. Challenger jungler knows what you think, knows pathings, what to do, how to do it. So even if you think you can kill an enemy ADC on a solo lane, you don't know if enemy junglers knows you will do that and she is sitting right there waiting for you.
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