Dodge when someone picks Yasuo on my team

That was the promise I made to myself when someone picks Yasuo on my team. The one time I broke the promise and thought to myself ´´maybe I am overreacting, they can´t be that bad´´ I was smacked to the face by the harsh reality of Yasuo players. They all follow a similar pattern. they dash through minions, push the wave to the turret, try to outplay the opponent and dash under turret and die. They play overly confident, they get camped and go 0/4 in the first 5 minutes. With the lane lost and getting pushed in and staying under turret with 1hp just to die again they same something like ´´Jungler doesn´t help I´m getting dived´´. Ending the game with 2/11/2, amazing. I que up for a next one to see someone with ´´ Smurf yasuo´´ in it´s name but I stayed cool. I opened up his in hopes that maybe this guy is legit. 2.02:1KDA with a 50% winrate. Dodge. The End
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