Play 1 vs 5 potential champion or you loose your choise !!! forced by Riot who preach teamwork btw:S

I need to start this and make it clear...Enemy team always higher division more skilled more adaptive to everything knows how to carry,your team always 4 5 division lower,don't even know to ward the map properly nor anything else.Always ofc gets destroyed in lane and snowball so easy because they don't control the map at all with wards and positioning... Riot preaches about teamplay that don't exists when you force people to play 20 champs that with all the changes scale harder have more potential overall...Why do you put out new champs every month when you have so much unplayed and unhealthy champs already...So many splasharts outdated so many things like matchmaking algorith for all que and balance of enemy skill gap in first place..No it's not balance,no it has no sense to put silvers with platinum diamond players because they are eaten alive... You force me to play 1 vs 5 champion who can hard carry and you will get it..You force me to be a monster in order to win at least 1 game a day to fight always more coordinated teams. to fight always premades who talk who plan who know how to win..You forced me and you will by the end of season 2017 get it the hard way that no matter what you do to it still won't matter. Whoever wants to find a way to deal with something he will find it..Where the is a will there is always a solution.. God help us to find a way to be so dominant that no matter what odds you stack against we find a way to our happiness..
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