nidlee spear hit box (wide) realy buged needs a buff

sirsly the spear is so slow and i can understand it its can do some dmg.. but its realy realy easy to dodge even in low elo's they dodge it like nothing so its very hard using it as pokeing tool... ezreal q - tons of dmg low cd low mana and very fast projectile , good hit box (wide) zoe - long range very fast projectile and can 1 shot, good hit box (wide) jyce - Q+E / Q very fast projectile/fast can deal tons of dmg ,perfect hit box (wide) nidlee -Q - Good dmg ... slow projectile , very very very bad hit box (wide) somthims my spears pass throw enemiyes showing me like it gonna hit and complitly missing them they wide of the spear hit box is very low for such a slow projectile... can you pls buff her q hit box to be like ezreal q ?
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