Will the E nerf on Ezreal help?

So atm Ezreal gets a 6 seconds nerf on His E first rank, and since you max it last. It's a huge hit towards Ezreal. But I honestly think this "nerf" is a buff more than anything. Atm Ezreals stands at the highest amount of deaths gained of any ADC, and around 60% of those deaths happens 1-2 seconds after Ezreal players uses his E. So my speculation is that, most players who play Ezreal dies cause of misuse of this ability. I often see Ezreal players fail to use his E when getting hit by hard CC to cancel the effects, and about 80% of the time during my time I play with Ezreal players they use their E as a gap closer, which either put them in melee range of someone they shouldn't be close to, or just waste the ability and get collapsed on a second after use. I'ma support player, and 2nd most of my losses comes from playing with Ezreals as my adc (first comes from Jax junglers). Where I know if I go agressive my ezreal will also go agressive, but use his E to gapclose only to get targeted. Even smurf players does this, even players in diamond+ uses his E completely wrong, and dies 80% of times cause of it. Nerfing that ability has been something I longed for. Maybe not really nerfing it, but making it more of a safe tool than a DMG tool. What's your thoughts? I know Ezreals players and some adc players will hate this nerf, but they probobly don't understand their own champion's safety as much as most supports do.

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