Heartseeker Kindred NEEDS to happen!

Hello, boards Let's put aside the Dyanmic Queue problems and the Ranked placement stuff and just how well a Heartseeker skin will suite {{champion:203}}. I mean, Lamb is carrying a bow, and heatseeker skins usually go to archer champions, in order to get that Cupid feeling when you play with the Heartseeker skin. I mean, Kindread are seeking hearts anyways, the theme is perfect! The particles of Kindred would also work great and look great in a red/pink tone. I mean, how cool would it be to stay in a big heart on the ground, preventing you from dying? At the moment, there is no other better candidate for this skin. {{champion:133}} got the Crossair skin pretty recently, while {{champion:29}} will just be wrong, I mean, can you imagine a stinky cupid rat? :D Kindred is currently lacking in skins, having only one. And i know there are some big fans of Kindred who would also want a Heartseeker. Maybe the skin will attract even more players? I personally do not play Kindred, but i would instabuy that skin, provided it looks amazing and lives up to its name. Good luck. _Almighty :)_

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