Sightstone update = absolute trash and punishes people who get behind

So I waited a few weeks before whining about it on the boards, but my opinion on the new support items has not changed: it suuuuuucks! I main support and whenever i had that sweet 800-900 gold I would B and rush a sightstone along with a pink (depending on our performance in lane I would tend to go earlier for just SS, or later for some extra gold) and make sure my adc and mid has a complete overview of the river and brush. But now how the tides have turned, as botlane gets royally screwed once again. My average right now to get the wards on a relic shield is 9-12 minutes ( i found the other two to take longer most of the time) and its truly annoying. Not only are you stuck with only 1 ward when it activates in lane, you also are even more screwed when your laning phase goes bad. Yellow trinkets are gone and on cooldown before you know it, and when you get ganked alot or your adc wants to play safe (usually because of lack of vision), it gets harder and harder to properly build your support item in a reasonable time. So youre stuck underperforming, all because of a really stupid change that Riot thought would be SO incredibly smart. Overal, Rito has been making really sh*tty decisions to their gameplay the last few patches, but right now this one takes the cake IMO. Would love to hear your thoughts. I also do not care for the lack of the activatable items on the old support items. Sure some have found their way back, but in that case: why fix what wasnt broken? This is just changing for the sake of changing.
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