Hey Riot you just look at it

https://i.imgur.com/T7JTWZd.png[/img] An update recently came out where Jinx was a little weakened. As practice shows, this is not enough. That's what I get to see in every game, if Jinx doesn't come to me, I lose and look for another game. Thanks Riot, it’s very interesting to play, everyone is just looking for Jinx. Do not pay attention to the player from the top, it's some kind of lucky one, he probably lost 10 games in a row, he just has perfect objects for his heroes, and he goes on the winning streak. Everyone is just looking for either Draven or Jinx, someone can find both at once. I recently tried to collect 6 sorcerers, and where did I end up? Right ! On the 8th place. It makes no sense to play on what is not in the meta. Good job Riot!
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