Nightbringer Yasuo Dance -- What your oppinion?? (IMO, could be a lot better)

Well, Well... This post will probably have more downs then Ricky Berwick (ITS A JOKE, DONT TAKE THIS SERIOUS) But lets get riiiiiight Into the topic... So, as someone who plays Yasuo... And loves him... I really got hyped for the new skin... After seeing the teaser i was like "I WANT MORE, MOOOOREE!!!".... Then, when the spotlights came out... I really enjoyed the laugh, and both the taunt 1/2... But the dance kinda made me a bit disapointed... I mean, i know i know... He is some kind of demon boss looking ass, and the fire spirits are making a "ritual"... But still, IMO, riot could have make it look a bit more... Stylish?? I mean, the entire skin looks edgy AF... Then the dance, he just stays there... At least could have dont like all the other ones... Take out his flute and darude sandstorm that sh*t... No, im not saying the skin looks bad, either the dance looks bad... But it was a bit... Not my expectations you know... After seeing Darius for example... Or Ashe... Riven too... I mean, the dance is different... And it fits the skin... But... What are your oppinions on that??? I think it could be a lot better...

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