introduce the i don't wanna play with premades option

as the title said i want the no premades for ranked games in my team option for several reasons: 1)premades can be toxic and if they don't like you can report you even for no reason 2)premades can bring in your team players that are not at your skill level (the infamous s1/b1 premades) and then lose their lane badly for obvious skill gap 3)premades can also bring to your team new players (on the qualification matches) that is even worse 4)premades can pick troll champs just for the sake of it and the player is forced to leave the game (with a penalty for him not for the premade) let's be clear not all the premades are bad but lots of them are. i'm trying to be constructive and find a solution for this problem and the no premade option if introduced could be used a lot i think. At least of one thing i'm sure: remove for all the accounts the possiblity of be in a group in a ranked game for the qualification games:only through that a player can be valuated not being carried by the gold/plat friend and get a good rank. just my 2 cents
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