The f*ed up Matchmaking system

Okay... TL;DR: **I initially thought The system was crap got convinced otherwise, not completely but at least in what I initially said about it The only open question for me is how Improve when I feel like most of the games get lost by people that Flame rather than playing the game or by players giving up after 15 mins** Okay I Might be able to make a good statement on my thoughts about MMR just about the number not about the matchmaking itself. I think the players MMR doesn't do a good job at reflecting a players skill. I can win 10 matches in a row feeding my ass off and get rewarded with a good MMR because it only takes Win or lose into account. I think Win and loss should play an Important Role while calculating a players MMR **BUT** I also think it shouldn't be the only Rule. I've read through how your MMR is determined and it only takes Win or Loss into account. Do you think that's a fair system? You all can tell me that I just have a huge Ego, sure, I don't blame anyone for that because i'm just another player crying to you anyway. You can tell me I don't understand how MMR works. But now that I'm calm again and got convinced that the matchmaking is totally fine, I've come to realize that's not What's wrong. MMR is basically as equally meaningless as the Visible Rank. I've researched a bit and in a dev Report Riot stated > League of Legends is a team game and teams win or lose games together. We dom't want to impose an arbirary system of rating players on performance because then the bes way to beat that system would probably be to get good scorelines, rather than helping the team win. This is a statement I can work with. And I think this is utterly stupid. The question was why they don't use performance **INSTEAD** of mmr/Elo. Why make it an Instead? Why not just take.... I dunno... Maybe Both? You don't have to directly reward a player for a good performance. I agree that taking this system instead of the current one would be absolutely garbage but taking both things into account would be pretty decent. Let's say I'm a signed toplane my K/D/A might be shit and my Team had a hard time thanks to me accidentally feeding a master Yi jungle yet I made game changing plays and got the win at the end of the day. Look you get rewarded with MMR and LP nontheless. Hey I'm an ADC, I had good CS, My K/D/A is good as well as my damage to champions, my KP and my Objective damage are all Top tier yet I lost because My toplaner and my Midlaner kept flaming rather than playing. I gEt pUnIsHeD bEcAuSe LoL iS a TeAm GaMe. Just punish the adc less hard. Maybe just let him lose LP instead of MMR? Right now MMR is just a hidden LP number Based off of Win's and loses. Adjust the MMR system by _adding_ stat **CONTRIBUTION**! Winning games would feel just as rewarding as it does now because you're getting the LP. Losing games wouldnt feel as frustrating because you're getting less punished for it. Which would probably result in the players being less toxic due to them not feeling stressed out because someone fed or had a bad game. People would have a reason to encourage a player that made a mistake rather than feeling the need to tell him how bad he is. I mean I just had a first time kayle in a ranked game that told me he or she picked kayle by accident. I told him it's okay. Sh*t happens. Right? I can be forgiving but I can't fool myself if I constantly just tell myself shit happens. And for all those players that say I would just cry.... If this change would actually go through i would only benefit from it if my stats would allow it and if you look into my matches I am not always doing well in terms of stats. So I wouldn't nessecarily benefit from such a system. But Honestly all those guys that don't have problems with the current system... If you don't have a Problem that's fine but you wouldn't have a problem with my system either.
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