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Hi, The thing is that in my opinion some items are stupidly over powered, too expensive, or too cheap or some even useless for any champion (there are too much items that nobody's building, like ever). First, Black Cleaver - Most stupid item in the game. For 3000 you get 40 AD, 400 Health, 20% CDR and that stupid passive with armor reduction! My mains are Irelia, Jax and Akali. 2 of them Tri Force abusers. So, for example, when I'm playing vs some BC abuser, it is a shame how much less time they need to get stupid BC and how much time I need to get Tri Force, also take into consideration that Tiamat rush is delaying my Tri Force purchase. I'm not saying that Tri Force should be cheaper, just that BC should be more expensive. All other bruiser items are about 3500 - Both Hydra's, Death's Dance, Sterak's etc... Also pure tank items, Sunfire Cape, Frozen Heart, Thornmail, around 2700. Soo stupid. Raise that price once, since tanks and some stupid BC abusers needs soo little to get so strong. Thanks,
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