Riot games i want answers now here on this post

I want to know what is your vision on matchmaking. Can you make a video about it because it makes no sense what is goin on here. If you ignore this post ill take it as a slap in our face. What have you done with matchmaking. Its terrible expirience for veterans and new players Janna died 6 times in lane with no reason and there was still hope i did alot of damage and later on we took baron but it was uncarryable, i know it was 1 game but still jungler, mid and support die 43 times! They had Gold1 jinx and i didint care cuz i was above her skill but my janna gifted her kills by dying 6 times in 10 minutes in lane. Support difference was too high. Remove divisions and bring back individual stats. Quit with that "hidden" clown fiesta mmr and bring back FLAT ELO stats and mix player based on a true skill not this useless time sink system. quality over quantity and u will get your player pool back. It feels so bad. Its like kindergarden of legends playing with those players and im not used to it. You cut individual performance but u refuse to make fair match Wake up and answer me !
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