[discusion] How can we fix the meta?

EDIT: I am not saying everything in this meta sucks, I am saying that in my opinion, a good portion has seen better days. I love the versatility but something has to be done. With the adc count in my last 6 games (which means 60 players) which did not get absolutely rofflestomped by some random bot being a total of 2, games being won on a flip of a coin and electrocute/AP alistar mid lane being a thing agian, I think you can safely say that the current meta is not the greatest. With the latest jungle changes jungle has become a flip of a coin and bot lane banished ADC's for this patch (braum/ekko and lux/karma beat everything atm) made everything a gigantic stomping clown fiesta. Although sometimes being the best games ever, you enjoy the game if you win and you can't do anything when you are losing. SO, what can we do to fix this meta? Post any idea's down below for discusion :) EDIT: I posted my complete thoughts on a certain point on @Ke AI Bunny's below if you are interested. It should give some more insight on my opinion. Also:

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