When is MF gunna get a nerf??????

Just had a game against {{champion:21}} , was winning my lane hard, but all of a sudden her ult would do all my health within 2 seconds. She's a pathetically overpowered champion that seriously needs to be nerfed. But no, rito decides to nerf other champions instead that don't actually need them. How are you suppose to win against MF, cause once she starts getting kills, 9/10 you've lost that game cause she can carry like %%%%. When is riot going to actually realise that some champions are beyond broken and need a major nerf. Another one is {{champion:38}}, who can one shot ADC's with ease and is IMPOSSIBLE to escape due to constantly being able to teleport. It's pathetic. All 3 lanes were losing badly, then all of a sudden they started 1 shotting the whole team whilst barely taking any damage and doing a shit ton of healing. I'd understand if we lost the laning phase, but we dominated it. All 3 lanes dominated it on my side, and yet unfed champs can 1 shot fed champs. That's bullshit.
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