I just hate being lvl1 invaded. I really do. (just a jungler looking for some empathy)

sigh.... ok, this is one of these "i hate what my teammates did/did not" posts. Level one invades are pretty easy to handle once spotted. They can even backfire nicely on those who attempt it. But nothing is like a dread of going into your jungle and seeing: your toplaner going to the tower and sitting there. your midlaner doing to the tower and sitting there your botlaners going to the tower ans sitting there. ... you are there, covering one entry to your jungle is the enemy team walking through the other entry, trying to kill you? you do not know is the enemy team starting on your other buff, setting you behind from the start? you do not know. one thing that you do know however is... if one of these things happen, there will be calls to report jungler. from laners that had chosen to sit by their towers uselessly.

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