Climbing a Broken ladder in Ranked - Solo/duo

Season 10 is now starting and I feel I want to share my take on how the ladder system works and why it's inherently flawed in solo/duo. Before I begin I want to identify the 2 polarizing groups of people responsible for making climbing ranks such a toxic and stressing experience. The players who play to climb and the players who play for fun. Climbing players will be textbook accurate and will go through and through with making sure they do all the correct steps to win the game even if this means playing the same exact champions every game. Fun players - despite having normal mode to do whatever they want without consequence for themselves or others - will stick to the more organized ranked mode as the chaos of a mode without consequence will not give the adequate "fun" experience they desire. Now this hectic relationship by itself isn't new to anyone, it's very common in competitive games and can be managed with punishments. However, when you add in the current competitive climb system, you'll get a reaction similar to throwing a match into gasoline drenched fireplace. Why is this so? I'm sure most people here have made this analogy but playing games in ranked can give you a slight sensation of flipping a coin. As you either get steam rolled or you steam roll the enemy team and the outcome of the match will not be the result of your individual merit but of your team as a whole. This basically means: No matter how well you play you will lose or win the exact same amount of points based on your personal MMR. There are two big problems in this. **1st:** Your personal MMR will not reflect your personal growth as a player. So even if you do great games individually** you will still lose and win the same exact amount of points. **This as reached a point where it's simply easier for a player to make a new account and do placements from scratch so they can reach higher elos with less games - and less stress. **2nd:** Because your personal performance isn't taken into account. It really doesn't matter what you do or play, as playing seriously or playing for fun will earn you the same rewards and if climbing is already a coin flip by nature then it makes taking things seriously a further waste of energy. **In the end, you are promoting carelessness and discouraging serious gameplay.** This creates a rift in the solo/duo community that can only be filled with toxicity. Where people who are trying to win get angry at the careless "feeders" who respond in kind because they dispise toxicity of those who are angry. You don't need to look very far to see that other mobas, even on mobile phones have developed a system where your personal performance may inhibit or even completely remove the punishment for losing if you perform very well. While performing poorly or downright intentionally losing will result in a increased loss in rating. Riot collects enough information on our matches to make this a reality. Anyway thank you for reading up to this point. Would love to see the opinion of the community on this. EDIT: Since a lot of people, misunderstood me. I'll just give a small example as to how this could work . i.e. If you're on a winning streak, every time you win you fill up a bar - let's call it "LP Shield" - the amount of points filling up this bar is based on your performance - let's say the bar caps at 100 point performing well will earn you the maximum of 30 points after winning - Once it is full the next time you lose you'll be shielded from losing LP.
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